Peaks Medical

About us
Peaks Medical established as one of the Peaks group companies. Peaks medical was formed with mission to serve all aspects of the healthcare industry within ambition of Saudi Arabia Vision 2030 Through our strategic, and unique partnerships with prestigious global medical manufacturers to stay abreast of the latest advancements to foster all medical and equipment requirements for both private and public sectors in the Kingdom.
Our Vision
The continuity of providing and developing services in line with the health sector transformation program in vision 2030, which aims to complete its strategic objectives: • facilitating access to health services. • improving the quality and efficiency of services. • enhancing prevention against health risks.
To polarize, build and maintain strong global and local partnerships with healthcare suppliers to deliver high-quality, innovative, and cost-effective supplies to our customers.

Enrichment the Saudi market with the latest innovative Healthcare supplies and ensure customer satisfaction.

Our services
Peaks Medical Supplies Company is unique in providing high-quality and highly efficient services under the hands of specialized experts to provide the best services in the medical sector and others, including:
  • Sterilization and health protection
  • Medical Disposables and equipment
  • Laboratory equipment
  • Medical maintenance departments
  • Dental
  • Plastic surgery